Further Reading

In 1839 his minuets were re-published along with two of his songs and a biographical note but largely his music had been forgotten by concert programmers and music writers alike. It wasn't until the publication of Dr. H.G. Farmer's 'A History of Music in Scotland'was published in 1947 that his compositional qualities were discussed.
David Johnson (1942-2009), the Scottish composer and musicologist, further promoted the work of Kellie through his doctoral research work at Cambridge and in his books 'Music and Society in Lowland Scotland in the Eighteenth Century' (1972) and 'Musica Scotica III: Chamber Music of Eighteenth-Century Scotland: Editions of Early Scottish Music' (2000).
Latterly, John Purser has written a section on the life and work of the illustrious Earl in his book 'Scotland's Music: A History of the Traditional and Classical Music of Scotland from Early Times to the Present Day: A History of the Traditional and ... from the Earliest Times to the Present Day' (2007) .